Because putting cereal on a donut isn’t “weird”, it’s just unhealthy.

Because riding your bike naked isn’t “weird”, it’s just unsanitary.

Because riding a tall bike isn’t “weird”, it’s just unsafe.

Because composting isn’t “weird”, it’s just science.

Because raising chickens isn’t “weird”, it’s just annoying.

Because zoo bombing isn’t “weird”, it’s just riding a small bike.

Because Elvis isn’t “weird”, he’s just a great musician.

Because food carts aren’t “weird”, they’re just avoiding taxes.

Because hating on the west side isn’t “weird”, it’s just Soviet Bloc era shit.
h/t JG Whiz

Because having a civil war era beard isn’t “weird”, it’s just beard.
h/t JG Whiz

Because keeping Walmart out isn’t “weird”, it just prevents true savings.

Because wearing red & black lumberjack flannel isn’t “weird”, it just makes you a poser.

Because driving a Subaru wagon isn’t “weird”, literally every single person does it.

Because not pumping your own gas isn’t “weird”, it’s just emasculating.

Because eating tons of granola isn’t “weird”, it’s just the best.

Because having a handlebar moustache isn’t “weird”, it just immediately devalues your opinion.

Because wearing bike spandex isn’t “weird”, it just makes people uncomfortable, Lance.

Because hybrid cars aren’t “weird”, they just aren't a very good value.

Because socks and sandals aren’t “weird”, they just make your feet look weird.

Because a fixed gear bike isn’t “weird”, it’s just a fast track to knee surgery.

Because microbrews aren’t “weird”, they are literally just small beers.

Because Clyde Drexler isn’t “weird”, he’s just a 10-time NBA All-Star.

Because calling yourself the “ARMY” isn’t “weird”, it’s just insanely disrespectful.

Because being politically correct isn’t “weird”, it’s just the right thing to do.

Because waiting an hour in line for donuts isn’t “weird”, you’re just a sheep.

Because hula hooping isn’t “weird”, it’s just suggestive gyrating.

Because slack lining isn’t “weird”, it’s just no risk, circus-type nonsense.

Because doing yoga in a park isn’t “weird”, it’s just a plea for attention.

Because unicycling isn’t “weird”, it’s just high risk, circus-type nonsense.

Because drinking from a mason jar isn’t “weird”, it’s just faux bohemian posturing.

Because brewing your own beer isn’t “weird”, it’s just a poor value proposition.
h/t marm

Because not owning a car isn’t “weird”, it’s just inconvenient for your friends.
h/t marm